How does it work?

The career consulting process step-by-step.


1. step

Choose a course

Choose a course that fits you based on your age

2. step

Choose a consultant

Meet our consultants and pick the most sympathetic, you can find their profiles under the “Tutors” menu

3. step

Pick a date

Find the most suitable days, and hours based on your and your future consultants schedule

4. step

Personal data

Supply your personal data to fasten communication between you and your chosen consultant

5. step


You can pay for your course via PayPal

6. step


We will send you a confirmation email for the provided address with all the further steps before the first consulting session. (including your Moodle log in data, and the Zoom link for the first course)


7. step

Fill the assessments

With the data provided in the confirmation email you can log in to the Moodle platform, where you will find every important note and information. You can fill your assessment here too. This is mandatory for the consulting process.

Please fill your assessment at least 24h before the first online session!

8. step

First Session

You can join the first call using the Zoom link provided in the confirmation email

9. step

Further Sessions

The further appointments will be set by you and your consultant upon your personal schedule. The moodle system will provide an excellent platform for your communication, also all the resources will be uploaded here that you will need during the process.

10. step


When the fourth session is over, you can decide whether you would like to continue the process with the consultant.


What shall I do if I haven’t received the confirmation email?

You should contact us via e-mail, this way we will figure out the reason for the problem. (You can e-mail us in the Contact menu.)

How can I login to the Moodle system?

Your Moodle login information is included in the confirmation e-mail.

What could I do if I can’t find a suitable appointment with my chosen consultant?

Contact us, and we will figure out a solution together! (You can e-mail us in the Contact menu.)

What are the language options for the services?

Currently the service is only accessible in English.