This is how it works

Walking you through the career decision process

Application phase

Step 1

Select course

Choose a course that fits your age (minor under 18 or adult)

Step 2

Choose your consultant

Meet our consultants and choose the one whose experience and language skills appeal to you.

View our consultants
Step 3

Select time

Mark the date and time you wish to have the first session with your selected consultant, and then pick one of the available time slots.

Step 4

Enter data

Enter your contact details so that we can keep in touch with you.

Step 5


Use Stripe to pay for the course.

Step 6


After you apply, you will receive automatic confirmation by email, including links to your first video session and the e-learning website, along with a list of things to do before your first course.

Preparation stage

Step 7

Complete tests

Use the data you receive in the confirmation email to log in to your course in Moodle, where you will find all course-related documents and can keep in touch with your chosen consultant. Use this site to complete your assessment tests, which will be evaluated before your first session with your consultant.

Please complete the tests at least 24 hours before your online session starts.

Step 8

First session

Click the Zoom link in the confirmation email to join the video call with your consultant.

Step 9

Subsequent sessions

Agree the time and date of any subsequent sessions with your consultant. If necessary, please use the Moodle platform to communicate with each other. Moodle provides access to all of the resources you will need during the course.

Step 10


Upon completing the fourth consulting session, you will be offered the choice to continue working with your advisor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Would you like to cancel or modify the time of your first session?

Use Moodle to contact your advisor and discuss the changes or write to us via the Contact menu.

What should I do if I do not receive a confirmation email to the email address I provided?

In this case, contact us via email and we will investigate the possible causes of the problem. (You can contact us by email via the Contact menu.)

How do I log in to Moodle?

You can find your Moodle login details in your confirmation email.

What should I do if the consultant of my choice does not have a suitable time slot for me?

Contact us! You can write to us by email via the Contact menu and we will definitely find a solution together!

Testimonials and references

Contact us!

Choose the channel that suits you.